Release Notes

Enhancements to the overall performance of the application. This release also includes updates to SmartRank, the application review screen, a couple of new communication notifications, and a few minor bug fixes.


  • [SU-766] - SmartRank Data By Award Year
    • In order to handle SIS data for multiple award years, this enhancement adds logic to determine which year's SIS data will be displayed on certain pages of the application.
    • For the Scholarship Candidates and Awards tabs, the SIS data provided for the award year associated to the scholarship will display. For example, if the scholarship is for the 2019-2020 award year, these tabs will pull in 2019-2020 SIS data when using SmartRank.
    • On the Award View page, the SIS data will display dynamically based on the scholarships selected to manage. If all scholarships currently being managed are associated to 2018-2019, then the SIS for 2018-2019 will appear when selecting a SmartRank. If the scholarships currently being managed are associated to multiple award years, then SmartRank will only display the SIS data for the latest active award year. For example, if you are currently managing a mix of scholarships for 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 (both award years currently active), then the SIS data pulled in will only be associated to the 2019-2020 year - SIS data for 2018-2019 will not display. It is highly recommended that when managing scholarships in Award View that you only award multiple scholarships tied to the same award year.
    • The Student Profile modal will continue to display SIS data for multiple award years. The available award years to review will be any that have already started. As an Admin, you can manage the start date when award years are available to view (Settings > Award Years). For example, if you have the award year 2019-2020 set to start on 7/1/2019, the SIS data will not be available to view until 7/1/2019, but you can modify it to a past date if you wish to begin viewing beforehand.
  • [SU-785] - Application Review - Scholarship Lists
    • The applicant review screen has been modified to display values relative to the student rather than the entire collection of applicants in the pool, as it has previously. On the Application tab, the Applied Scholarships label now displays the number of scholarships that the student applied to out of the entire set of scholarships being reviewed in the pool. For example, if the pool contains five scholarships for review, but the current student being viewed has only applied to two of those scholarships, their Applied Scholarships count is 2/5.
    • The same logic has been applied in the Matching tab, but that count is now a link that expands to show the list of names of the specific scholarships the student applied to. The Matching requirements below that are now dynamic to only show the matching questions associated to the scholarships the student applied to, whereas previously it showed the matching questions for all scholarships in the pool, even if the student didn't apply to some of those scholarships.
  • [SU-708] - Weekly Student Newsletter
    • The Weekly Student Newsletter is a new email notification sent out on a weekly basis to help drive students to return to the application for updates. The newsletter includes the count of both internal and external scholarships that opened in the past week, as well as counts for internal and external scholarships opening up and closing over the next week. There are also individual counts for both currently active internal and external scholarships. Admins can enable this communication within PlatformManagement (PM > Settings > Platform Communications). This template cannot be edited due to the custom nature of styling and coding for the counts.
  • [SU-539] - Outstanding Thank You Notification
    • This new notification can be managed to send out a reminder email and/or SMS text message to students who have an outstanding Thank You Letter to provide to a donor before having their award posted. The frequency and max amount of notifications can be managed, along with the number of days before the Thank You deadline to begin sending the reminders. Admins can enable this communication within PlatformManagement (PM > Settings > Platform Communications).
  • [SU-722] - Release Notification
    • Release Notifications will now appear for school users logging in for the first time after a deployment. The notification will be used to announce a release of new functionality and take users to the release notes page associated to the newly deployed code.


  • [SU-753] - Applicant Review Screen Performance
    • Fixed issues around the performance of the review applicant screen, where there was noticeable slowdown when going from one student application to another.
  • [SU-703] - Notification of Application Submissions Sent to School User Rejecting An Applicant
    • Resolved an issue where the Application Submission notification was being sent to a school user whenever they manually rejected an applicant from the Scholarship Candidates tab, where this functionality is available until the scholarship is moved into a review pool. School users are no longer receiving the notification when rejecting or recycling (recalling the rejection). This issue did not trigger for students.
  • [SU-750] - Unsaved Changes Alert Across Site
    • Cleaned up some pages where the notification of unsaved changes would appear to the school user when no edits were made to the page and trying to navigate away from the page.