Release Notes

Minor fixes throughout the application.


  • [SV-3014] - Reopening Transactions With Certain C Codes
    • Fixed an issue where subsequent ISIRs containing comment codes 138 (NSLDS SSN match), 162 (VA match), 173 (VA match), and/or 180 (VA match) would trigger the Verification transaction to reopen even though those codes were cleared through the file review process. Verified transactions with these codes will stay Verified rather than reopening.
  • [SV-3052] - Transaction Submission Email Sent When Other Documents Transaction is Opened From Bulk Actions
    • Resolved an issue where the Transaction Submissions email for the Other Documents transaction may have accidentally been sent to a student if the email check ran before the task added from a bulk action was not already in the transaction. This did not apply to all students in this situation - it varied based on the speed of the application process. This issue no longer occurs for both tasks added through bulk action or tasks added manually by a user.
  • [SV-3073] - DREAM ISIR Correction Message
    • Fixed an issue where the DREAM ISIR Correction notification modal would appear in instances where it was not actually applied. This rare occurrence only happened when the modal popped up for the 2018-2019 award year during file review, and the user immediately went onto the file review for the same student for the next award year without refreshing the page. This modal has an additional check to ensure it does not appear anywhere else. For more information on the correction modal, please review the release notes from February 7th.
  • [SV-3050] - Student Phone Number Update
    • Resolved the issue where a change in a student's phone number through their profile was not correctly updating on the Student Account Page. Edits to the phone number now immediately appear on the account page.