Release Notes

Minor updates to the application.


  • [SV-3064] - Bulk Action Award Year Selection
    • Resolved an issue where the Bulk Action screen only considered the operational dates of the Verification transaction when the user has selected to bulk create Additional Information. Additional Information can be added to either the Verification or Other Documents transactions, so the screen allows you to select which transaction and for which award year to bulk add items. But if the Verification transaction operational dates are currently set to be inactive, the Verification operational dates blocked users from applying bulk items for the Other Documents transaction, even if its award year operational dates are currently active. The screen now forces a user to select the transaction type first, then the award year selection will dynamically populate the currently active operational award year(s) to select from.
  • [SV-3055] - User Activity Cannot Find Custom Document Type
    • Fixed an issue where custom download document activities did not display the document name correctly. The activity was incorrectly displaying "Downloaded [type not found]" for custom document downloads. The activity now correctly displays document names, both global and custom documents.