Release Notes

This release includes many performance enhancements across the site, mainly focusing around the review applicant page, review pool builder, and award view. Other highlighted items are listed below.


  • [SU-797] - List Question Alphabetization
    • The answer values for list questions are now defaulting to display in alphabetical order, whereas previously the answers were displayed in the order they were added to the list.
  • [SU-739] - SmartRank Grid Cleanup
    • Enhanced the SmartRank grids found on the AwardView page and Scholarship Candidates and Awards tabs with the following items:
      • ensure List type questions can be added manually through the Column Manager
      • ensure grid export on the Candidates tab shows the friendly name of the Candidate Type
      • ensure Yes/No questions and Boolean SIS data displays the answer correctly as "Yes" or "No"
      • ensure that adding custom columns from the Column Manager doesn't effect SmartRank columns
  • [SU-483] - Fund Code Page Updates
    • The Fund Code grid (located in Settings > Fund Codes) has been restructured to allow filter and sorting for each column. An Export feature has been added to allow exporting of the current filtered/sorted grid into a CSV, which can then be edited and re-imported in the page to allow quick bulk edits when needed.