Release Notes

This release includes additional scholarship filters on the school side and some minor fixes.


  • [SU-735] - Award Year and Scholarship Status Added to Filtering
    • On the school side, Award Year has been added as an optional filter on the scholarships list to further simplify finding scholarships. The scholarship award year has also been added to each scholarship tile as an additional reference, located under the Organization field.
    • Scholarship Status has also been added as an additional filter option. A new status badge has been added to each tile next to the name of the scholarship to show the precise status a scholarship is in. Multiple statuses may be found in the same tab (i.e. the Active tab carries scholarships in Published, Open, Hold, Pending Auto-Match, and Processing Auto-Match statuses). Some scholarships statuses, such as Draft, Complete, and Award do not appear in the filter, because they are the only ones found in their respective tabs. 


  • [SU-824] - SSO Student SMS Subscriptions
    • Fixed an issue where single sign-on (SSO) students entering their preferred phone number on the welcome page was not correctly subscribing the student to text messages. Students entering a phone number on the welcome page will now be opted into SMS text notifications and can manage their subscription within the profile page.
  • [SU-839] - Search Awards Error Message
    • Resolved an issue where clicking on an award amount in the Search Awards page may open an error modal. This only occurred when selecting an award assigned to a nominated student and now correctly opens the Award Applicant modal, as expected.
  • [SU-844] - Award View Scholarship Status
    • The last deployment introduced an issue where creating a new award pool gave users the option to select scholarships in Complete and Archived status. This issue has been resolved to only display scholarships in Awarding status when creating a new award view. Opening a previously saved award view that contained a scholarship currently in Complete/Archive status will correctly pull that scholarship in - at any time a Complete/Archived scholarship is removed from the existing award view and saved, in cannot return in award view.