Release Notes

Minor fixes to PlatformManagement.


  • [PM-290] - File Upload Fix
    • Resolved an issue where a page spinner overlapped the Secure File Transfer page and the File Imports page while a file is being imported. This overlap disabled the ability to cancel a file import. The page spinner will no longer appear and overlap a page while a file is being imported.
  • [PM-293] - Additional PlatformManagement Admin Role Found
    • Fixed an issue where an additional role of Admin was found under PlatformManagement when managing user roles. The Admin role only applies to StudentForms, ScholarshipUniverse, AwardLetter, and CampusMetrics. The Platform Admin role found under the PlatformManagement app is a security role to help limit employee management and API credentials. If a user has an Admin role within any of the other applications, they automatically have access to the rest of PlatformManagement. Please review this article for more details.