Release Notes

This release contains an additional accessibility feature and some minor bug fixes.


  • [SV-3031] - Ensure the Language of a Document is Set
    • To increase the accessibility across the application, the language of each page has been set so that screen readers correctly interpret text and labels in English. Previously without the language validation, the screen reader could only assume that elements should be read in English - this update confirms without assumption.


  • [SV-3094] - Corrections to Date of Birth
    • Earlier this month a deployment introduced a new fix to not create a separate student account due to a change in Date of Birth on a subsequent ISIR, only if that change came in from an expected correction made by the school during file review within the application. Due to some logic within the fix, it did not take in account for an unnecessary correction to date of birth when the date of birth was correct on the ISIR used for review. This was an extreme edge case that has been resolved.
  • [SV-3088] - Custom Transactions Unabled to Save in Award Years Configuration
    • Fixed an issue where custom appeal transactions didn't enforce the same date range of operational dates as the global transactions, which run from 10/1/20xx - 9/30/20xx (i.e. for award year 2019-2020, from 10/1/2018 - 9/30/2020). This error in the back end did not allow users to adjust award year dates in the application if they had at least one custom appeal transaction. The date range for custom appeal transactions has been corrected and a new validation message has been added to the Award Years page to help reduce any errors when configuring dates.