Release Notes

Enhancements to auto-answering questions using SIS data, reusing documents within the same application, a new scholarship award loss application, updates to the manage allocations modal, and the display of award amounts across the site, as well as minor bug fixes.


  • [SU-780] - Auto-Answer Updates
    • A couple of logic updates have been added to the auto-answer process when schools map SIS data to ScholarshipUniverse questions in order to answer the matching requirements on a student's behalf.
      • If a list type answer has been removed from the answer mapping, then that value will be removed for a student the next time a student SIS record is imported into the system.
        • Example: SIS value "FR" is mapped to the answer "Undergraduate - Freshman" in ScholarshipUniverse. If you un-map the data value from the answer value, the next time a record is ran for a student, the answer "Undergraduate - Freshman" will be removed.
      • If a SIS data value answers a question for the student, and a subsequent data record is imported where that value is now null/blank, the auto-answer process will now clear that answer. Because an question no longer has an answer from the SIS, the student is able to answer the question. If a new value appears in a future SIS data file, that answer will override the student's response.
        • Example: SIS value "4.0" answers the question "What is your cumulative GPA?", but the next file has a null/blank value for the GPA - now the question "What is your cumulative GPA?" is unanswered and can be answered by the student. If a subsequent SIS data file with a new value of "3.9" appears, that value will now become the new answer for "What is your cumulative GPA?".
  • [SU-808] - Student Document Reuse in Applications
    • Students must now provide unique documents for the same type of document questions within the same application. For instance, if an application asked for two letters of recommendation, the student cannot reuse the same existing letter for both questions - they must have two unique recommendation letters for the application. Documents can still be reused among applications, they just cannot be used to answer multiple questions within the same application.
  • [SU-677] - Scholarship Award Loss Notification
    • Schools will now have the ability to send award loss notifications for any students who applied to a scholarship, but did not receive any awards. This notification can be used to give resolution to students anticipating notification about scholarships. The Scholarship Award Loss notification is on a per scholarship basis - schools can select which scholarships, if any, they wish to send out notification for. Once the scholarships has moved into Awarding/Complete/Archive status, the notification is available for school users to manually push out the notification to students who did not receive awards for the scholarship. This queue is found in Award > Notify, under a new tab called Award Loss.
      • Ensure that the Scholarship Award Loss notification is enabled in PlatformManagement > Settings > Platform Communications
      • For any scholarship you wish to enable this notification, in the Scholarship Builder page you must enable the option Notify of Award Loss
      • Once the scholarship has been moved to Awarding status, records will appear under Award > Notify > Award Loss tab, where users will have the ability to send out the Scholarship Award Loss notification, or dismiss it if they choose not to send out the notification
        • Note that when students are being awarded, their record is removed from the Award Loss queue since they are receiving an award. It is highly recommended to wait until awarding is complete before sending any notifications to students.
      • A new action tile called "Unnotified Applicants" is now available on the school dashboard for any role with permissions to the Notify page.
  • [SU-732] - Pool Scoring Modal
    • The Manage Allocations modal used by Review Managers and Admins has been enhanced to include additional features. The modal has been renamed to "Pool Scoring", but still maintains the ability to manually allocate reviewers to applicants. The modal now displays an average score for each reviewer under the selected round, to give an idea of how the reviewer is scoring overall. The modal also contains the new "Students" tab, which gives a roster of all the applicants within the round. This tab shows the number of reviews the student has received for the round along with the average score given. Clicking on the score will pop a modal to show the breakdown of overall scores by each reviewer.
  • [SU-825] - Remove Rounding of Award Amounts
    • Previously across the site award amounts were rounded to the nearest dollar. Award dollar amounts have been updated across the site to always display down to the cents.


  • [SU-835] - Student Answer Lookup
    • Fixed an issue where students typing into the answer filter to look for specific list values were not getting any results if not typing the beginning of the answer verbatim. The filter is now correctly looks for words contained within answer values, not just how the entire answer starts.
      • i.e. answer "United States of America" could only be found if typing "United" or "United States" or "United States of"; but now the student can search just "States" or "America" to filter down and find the answer
  • [SU-729] - Student Viewing Completed Applications
    • Resolved an issue where students reviewing a completed application would be taken to an unsubmitted application for scholarships currently open that they have not applied to. Because many scholarships can be tied to the same application, the system treated the act of reviewing an already completed application as needing to re-open the application to submit outstanding scholarships they match to. The act of viewing a submitted application has been fixed and will open a read-only version of their application.