This tab, embedded in the scholarship builder, displays students that have been awarded funds for the scholarship.  For scholarships that require an application, students will be pulled from the Award View tab after their applications have been reviewed and graded. For Direct Award scholarships, this tab will display the students that have manually selected from the Candidates tab to be awarded funds. This tab will also automatically bring in any student for assumed renewal if the scholarship is indicated as multi-year renewability. School Administrators and Scholarship Managers have access to this tab.


Plan > Scholarship > Edit > Awards tab

The following information is displayed:

  • Student ID: Displays student's ID.
  • Name: Name of the Candidate.
  • Candidate Type: Defines the method in which the student became a candidate.
    • Applicant: The candidate completed an application to be considered for the scholarship.
    • Auto-Assigned: The candidate was auto-matched to the scholarship.
    • Manual Nominee: The candidate was manually selected to be considered for the scholarship.
    • Import: The student was inserted in the candidate pool through and imported document.
    • Renewal: The student was a renewal from the previous scholarship version.
  • Matching: This column provides an Icon to indicate whether or not the students answered questions are currently matching to the scholarships matching criteria.
    • When clicking the icon,/, the system generates a modal so that the user can see what questions that the student is matching or not matching to.
  • Amount: This column allows the user to manually select candidates that they wish to award funds to.  Selecting the amount will generate a modal which will enable the user to award funds for that student. This is the same modal that is seen in the Award Views tab. 

The following information is also displayed for renewable scholarships:

  • Renew: This switch allows user to disable/re-enable a student's opportunity for a renewable fund to be awarded
  • Renewal: This allows a user to manually adjust how many rounds of renewable funds the student the student has been awarded.
    • Please note that "1st" means that the student has already been awarded and the student is now entering their first renewable fund, "2nd" means that the student has already received the original fund and their first renewable fund and is now entering their second renewable fund, and so forth.

Please note that once a renewable scholarship has been published the renewal settings are locked.

Budgeting Panels

  • Projected Amount: This is a dynamic sum of how much of the budget has been awarded.
  • Remaining Budget: This is a dynamic sum of how much of the budget still remains.

Helpful links

  • Awarding Criteria: This is a dynamic link that displays the awarding criteria in a pop-up modal that was inputted in the Scholarship > Matching tab tab.  If nothing was entered in this text box, this link will be hidden.
  • Donor Specification: This is a dynamic link that displays the donor specification in a pop-up modal that was inputted in the Scholarship > Scholarship Builder tab.  If nothing was entered in this text box, this link will be hidden.

Grid Tools

  • The grid has tools on this page to determine if they want to continue renewing the scholarship for the student.  They can add columns to this grid to help evaluate the students by clicking the add column button at the top of the grid.
    • Question:  The user can choose a question that the student would have answered to see what their response was (EX. What was your cumulative GPA).  Then they can choose the best candidates to renew if the scholarship needs to be reevaluated.
    • SIS: The user can choose a data field from the Student Information System (SIS) to evaluate the awarded students to see if they still meet the criteria to be renewed for the scholarship (EX. EFC must be lower than XX).
  • The Administrator/Scholarship Manager can export this grid by clicking the export button at the top of the grid. This will create an excel document with all of the data fields and data in the grid.
  • Nominate button allows users to nominate students for an award without having to do so in the Award View page. Please note that there are some restrictions as to when this feature is enabled based on the scholarship's selected Application Method and the scholarship status. This is only enabled when:
    • Application Method = Direct Award and Scholarship Status = Awarding
    • Application Method = Internal Application and Scholarship Status = Ready for Review, Review, or Awarding
    • Application Method = Internal Application with Continuous Awarding and Scholarship Status = Open or Awarding
  • SmartRank selection User can edit/add new SmartRank to this grid.  See SmartRank for more details.

Next steps


Some helpful links when reviewing the Awards page: