Release Notes

This release includes Organization/Department updates to a couple of Award pages, a status display on the student side, and a fix to the scholarship builder performance.


  • [SU-806] - Organization & Department Permissions on Thank You Approval and Post Pages
    • The Thank You Approval and Post pages have been updated to filter their respective records by Organization/Department permissions for each user, rather than displaying all records for any user who has a designated role to view those pages. In addition, the Thank You page now contains additional columns to filter and sort by Organization and Department, while the Post page contains sortable Organization and Department columns and additional filters on the page.
  • [SU-823] - Update "Awarding" Status on Student Side
    • The student side has been updated to no longer present the "Awarding" status when viewing submitted scholarships. This status has been mistakenly assumed by students that they were receiving an award, when in fact the status was only meant to represent the fact the scholarship was actually in the awarding process by the school - not a guarantee that the student was going to be awarded that scholarship. While scholarships are in Awarding status, it will be represented to students as "Reviewing" to remove any assumptions they are receiving an award.


  • [SU-871] - Scholarship Not Loading When Using Multiple Matching Groups with Multiple Questions
    • Fixed an issue where scholarships with a large volume of matching questions was slowly loading when opening the scholarship builder. This occurred in scenarios where the scholarship contained multiple matching groups with at least five questions each. The scholarship builder screen has been updated to enhance performance and remove this issue.