The institution needs the ability to view action items that the student has in order to field questions or to ensure that they are getting the appropriate tasks.


Below are some situational documentation links that are tied to the Student Dashboard. 


Student Profile > Actions Required

School View:

Student View:


The Action Required tab on the school side is a mirror image of the Actions Required section that the student is seeing.

  • Filtering:
    • Types: Enables student to filter through action types
    • Date: Enables student to filter through action types according to their deadlines.  
  • Types of Action Items:
    • Matched Scholarships Expiring: Notifies the student if there is a scholarship that they matched to where the deadline to submit an application is coming up.
    • Award Response Needed: When a scholarship requires Acceptance and/or a Thank You letter, this action item will populate on the grid according to the filters.

Troubleshooting and FAQs

[Links to related FAQ documents]