The Student Data tab on the Student Profile page provides authorized users the ability to view SIS data that has been imported for the student.  The field names reflect the Active Data Fields that were selected by the administrator in the Integration > Data Fields tab in Platform Management.  Some roles will not have access to view this tab.



Student Profile > Student Data Tab


  • Users can filter through the Data Fields by choosing 1 of 4 different Categories.  These categories are grouped per the Settings > Integration > SIS Field Mapping > Category column. These categories are configurable.
    • Academic
    • Admissions
    • Finance
    • Miscellaneous
    • Do Not Display - if the administrator does not wish to display the Data Field in the Student Data tab.
  • When there is no data entered in the import for that Data Field, the system will display: N/A

Award Year

  • Users can filter through the Data Fields by choosing a desired active Award Year. The data displayed is specific to the Award Year inputted in the SIS Data Import.

NOTE: This is ONLY data from the SIS import. If there are Matching Questions that the student answers that contradicts the data from the import, the value in this field will persist.

Troubleshooting and FAQs

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