The Activity tab tracks the Logins, Communications, and user activity for that student.  This visibility gives the administrators the ability to monitor activity, confirm actions, and advise students and users accordingly.



Student Profile > Activity


  • User Activity: This selection filters the students activity while they are on their student website.  Below are a few examples:
    • Application submission
    • Letter of Recommendation requests
    • Feedback submission
  • Communications: This selection displays the communications sent out to the student. 
  • Logins: This selection displays each instance that the student logged in to their student account.
  • All: Displays all Activity on the students account.


  • Date and Time: Displays the date and time of the Activity.
  • User: Displays the Students full name.
  • Category: Displays the category in with the Activity was logged.
  • Event: Displays details of the event record.
  • View: Gives the user the opportunity to view Communications sent to the student.

Troubleshooting and FAQs