Release Notes

This release contains a fix to stop Verify Email notifications from being sent to SSO users and a fix to allow access for the School Admin (Limited) role.


  • [PM-303] - SSO Users Receiving Verify Email Notification
    • Fixed as issue where the Verify Email notification was being sent to both school and student users using Single Sign-On (SSO) entry. Because SSO users have their credentials passed through to verify their identity, CampusLogic applications do not need these users to verify their email address. The Verify Email notification will no longer be sent to SSO users, but continue to do so upon account creation for Direct Sign-On (DSO) users.
  • [PM-304] - User Role "School Admin (Limited)" Unable to Access PlatformManagement
    • Before StudentForm's migration to PlatformManagement, a role called "School Admin (Limited)" was created for the application in order to mimic the Admin role, but for security purposes was not given the right to manage users/roles or integration credentials. Once StudentForms was moved over to PlatformManagement, where users/roles and integration credentials are managed, the Admin role was stripped from the ability to manage those settings; instead, a new PlatformManagement Admin role was created specifically for managing users, roles, and integration. The School Admin (Limited) role was not given the same permissions to access PlatformManagement and manage settings (such as communications) or search users. This fix now gives the School Admin (Limited) the same rights in PlatformManagement as the Admin role. Essentially at this point, these two roles are exactly the same since neither alone can manage users, roles, and integration.