Release Notes

This release contains a new permission for Award Managers, an update to the Historical Award Import process, new columns for the Manage Scholarship modal, and a whole bunch of fixes to brighten up your day.


  • [SU-837] - Award Override Needed for Award Managers
    • We've granted the Award Manager role the ability to override award amounts as it became apparent that the role had need for that action. Originally Admins were the only role granted that ability.
  • [SU-862] - Historical Award Import and One Term Awarding
    • Added additional logic to the Historical Award Import process to allow additional terms not awarded through the import file to be updated by users. Previously any edits to non-imported award terms in a scholarship were not allowing overrides. 
      • i.e. If Scholarship A has Fall, Spring, and Summer term assigned to it, and via the import process I award student Zack Morris $100 for Fall and $100 Spring, previously I was not allowed to go into the scholarship afterwards and give Zack additional money for the Summer term. Now I can override and award him money for the Summer term.
  • [SU-860] - Add New Columns and Sort/Filter to Manage Scholarship Modal
    • The Manage Scholarship modal found within the Award View page has been upgraded to include the Award Years, Organization, and Department columns for better determination of which scholarships a user wants to award. Each column also has the ability to sort and filter for extra ease.


  • [SU-840] - Awarding Criteria and Donor Specification Links Not Opening Modal
    • Fixed an issue where the Awarding Criteria and Donor Specifications links were not properly open a modal to view the respective information. If a scholarship has any Awarding Criteria, that information can be viewed from the Scholarships Candidates tab and Awards tab, along with the Award View page. If the Awarding Criteria does not contain any information, the link to open the modal does not appear elsewhere. The same logic applies to the Donor Specifications.
  • [SU-694] - Add Logic To Ensure Number of Reviews/Groups Cannot Exceed Committee Members
    • Added additional logic with the Review Pool Builder to ensure that while setting up a pool round a user cannot try to add more reviews or review groups than the amount of members found in the selected committee. Going beyond the limit led to an error message upon trying to Save/Start Round.
  • [SU-859] - Error Exporting a Grid With More Than One Column with "Multiple Answers"
    • Resolved the issue where trying to export the Scholarship Awards, Scholarship Candidates, or Award View grid would cause an error if more than one column had "Multiple Answers" (where a question/SIS field has more than one value - i.e. "High School Senior" and "Freshman"). Exports will now properly download and show multiple values across multiple columns, whether the columns are added via SmartRank or through the Column Manager.
  • [SU-876] - SIS Import of List Type Value Removing Itself
    • When mapping SIS data to List Type Questions, ScholarshipUniverse gives the option to map the actual SIS values to ScholarshipUniverse values, because SIS values across schools varies and probably don't match the values in ScholarshipUniverse. An example is SIS code "FR" which may mean Freshman - this can be mapped to the ScholarshipUniverse value "Undergraduate - Freshman" so that when the value "FR" is imported, the application know to the answer the question as "Undergraduate - Freshman".
    • In some cases a school's SIS may have the exact same value used in ScholarshipUniverse, and is not required to map the SIS value to the ScholarshipUniverse value (i.e. "Undergraduate - Freshman" is also used by the SIS).
    • A fix has been put in place where non-mapped values were being removed if a subsequent SIS import file was using the same value again. This did not effect mapped values - only non-mapped values. If a subsequent import record for a student has the same non-mapped value, it will retain the answer rather than removing it.
  • [SU-875] - Nominated Students With Action Items
    • Fixed an issue where Nominated Students (through the Award View) who did not have an account yet would have actionable items on the student dashboard that belonged to other students without accounts. These actionable items no longer appear on dashboard for students without accounts. This issue did not occur for students who have accounts - so students never saw the issue because they would need an account to see their dashboard. This issue caused confusion for schools reviewing student profiles for students who have yet to create an account.