Release Notes

This release contains updates to Student ID and Email Domain settings, along with a few bug fixes.


  • [SV-3042] - Student ID and Domain Management Updates
    • The following Student ID and Email Domain settings have been moved to PlatformManagement to ensure all student facing applications adhere to the same rules:
      • Hide Student ID
      • Allow Student ID Editing
      • Required Student Email Domains
      • Required School Email Domains
    • These settings are now found in PlatformManagement > Settings > Platform Settings


  • [SU-840] - DOB Correction Causing Subsequent ISIR to Stall
    • Fixed an very rare issue where a subsequent ISIR with a date of birth (DOB) change is causing the subsequent ISIR to be stuck in processing. This issue occurs when 1) a school user indicates a DOB needs an ISIR correction when the DOB on the ISIR matches the documentation provided, 2) a subsequent ISIR with an unexpected DOB value arrives in between the time when file review was completed and the school corrected ISIR comes in, and then 3) the subsequent ISIR with the expected value comes in. The third ISIR (the expected one) becomes stuck. This no longer occurs and the expected ISIR processes as normal.
  • [SV-3096] - ISIRs Without Headings Ignoring the First Line
    • Resolved an issue where schools not providing the original ISIR header line and the space between the header and the first record was causing the the first student record to be ignored if that student was the first line of the file. The fix will now recognize if the header is present or not and correctly begin processing records from the first line if there isn't a header.
  • [SV-3115] - Student Request Modal Needs to Respect Document/Appeal AY Setting
    • Added logic to the Student Request Modal to ensure that it will only allows the student to optionally select year specific appeal transactions and documents for the year the transaction/document is assigned to. (i.e. a 2019-2020 document should only be allowed to select for the 2019-2020 award year, not 2018-2019). Previously, students who selected a document for the "wrong" year would get a warning modal to tell them that the transaction/document was not available - it did not allow them to generate the transaction/document for the wrong year.