This report helps the scholarship administrator find scholarships using a specific question in order to find scholarships that may need updated matching criteria.  Administrators and Scholarship Managers will have permission to run this report.


Question Usage Report

Reports > Question Usage Report


  • In the Reports tab, choose the Question Usage Report.

Requesting the Report

  • The user will be presented a modal with the following filters when clicking the panel.
    • Questions- This is a required field where the user selects a question(s) to find the scholarships that use it in the matching criteria.
    • Scholarship Status-  This field allows the user to select a specific Scholarship Status(es) to review. The user can use this field to find questions that are currently being used in open scholarships or use this field to gather historical data of scholarships where the question was used where the cycle has closed.
    • Award Year- This field gives the user the option to filter the Scholarships with the selected question(s) by Award Year.

  • Once all of the desired fields are completed, click the Submit button to generate the report to the users email address.

Reviewing the Report

  • The user will receive an email with a link to generate the report.  The report will open as a CSV file in Excel.
  • Report Columns:
    • Questions- Displays the Question(s) that was selected in the criteria modal.
    • Scholarship- Displays the Scholarship(s) that is using the selected Question(s) selected in the criteria modal.
    • Scholarship Status- Displays the status of the Scholarship.
    • Award Year- Displays the Award Year in which the Scholarship was assigned to.
    • Created By- Displays the user that created the scholarship.
    • Creation Date- Displays the date that the scholarship was created.
    • Last Modified- Displays the user that last modified the scholarship.
    • Last Modified Date- Displays the date that the scholarship was last modified.

Troubleshooting and FAQs

[Links to related FAQ documents]