This report pulls external application volume to determine how external scholarship are trending. It can be used to run a count of the number of external scholarships applied to, or a more specific report detailing which students applied to specific scholarships.

External Scholarship Volume

This report can be requested by Administrators and External ScholarshipUniverse School Users in Reports > External Scholarship Volume.

Users will be presented a modal with the following filters when clicking the panel.

  • Date Applied - select a date range (UTC) in which to search for External Scholarships that students matched with and applied to.
  • View By - select the type of date you wish to pull
    • Scholarship Count: this option will pull a list of each external scholarship applied to in the given time range with a count of the number of students that have click to applied
    • Student Details: this pulls a detailed list of each student who applied to an external scholarship in the given time range, with details of the first time apply to the scholarship and self reported data, if given

Once submitted, the report will be processed and an email with a downlink is sent to the user.

Reviewing the Report

The CSV file received will have different date included, based on the View By selection.

  • Scholarship Count contains the following fields:
    • Scholarship - the name of an external scholarship applied to
    • Applicants - a count of the number of students who applied to the scholarship in the given date range
  • Student Details contains the following fields:
    • Student First Name
    • Student Last Name
    • Student ID
    • Student Email Address
    • Student Phone Number
    • Scholarship - the name of an external scholarship applied to
    • Applied Date - the date that the student went to apply to the scholarship for the first time
    • Self Reported Status - displays the self reported outcome of applying to the scholarship
      • Applied
      • Will Apply
        • Please note that "Will Apply" is defaulted for all students until they have self reported a different status
      • Will Not Apply
    • Self Reported Date - for students who self reported that they Applied, this is the self reported date that they applied to the scholarship