This report helps the Scholarship Administrator pull a report of the external application volume to determine how external scholarship are trending.  This report can be requested by Administrators and External Scholarship Universe School Users only.

External Scholarship Volume

Reports > External Scholarship Volume


  • In the Reports tab, choose the External Scholarship Volume.

Requesting the Report

  • The user will be presented a modal with the following filters when clicking the panel.
    • Date Applied - This field allows the user to select a date range (UTC) in which to search for External Scholarships that students matched with AND applied to.  
      • Note: This report is tallying the number of students that clicked the Apply button.  Since the application involves navigating to an different site, it does not indicate if the application was completed.

  • Once all of the desired fields are completed, click the Submit button to generate the report to the users email address.

Reviewing the Report

  • The user will receive an email with a link to generate the report.  The report will open as a CSV file in Excel.
  • Report Columns:
    • Scholarship- Displays the name of the External Scholarship where the student clicked Apply.
    • Applicants- Displays the number of students that clicked apply to that scholarship.