Release Notes

This release contains minor bug fixes.


  • [SV-3129] - Reopening Transactions With Certain C Codes for DREAM Students
    • Fixed an issue where DREAM ISIRs containing comment codes 057 and/or 033 would still trigger the Verification transactions to reopen even though those codes are no longer being used for the 2019-2020 award year and beyond. Verified transactions with these codes will stay Verified rather than reopening.
  • [SV-3141] - Event Notifications Missing svStudentIds
    • Fixed an issue where some event notifications were being sent without svStudentIds when school users uploaded documents and completed tasks on the student's behalf.
  • [SV-3165] - Cannot Upload ISIR file with only 1 record and without headers
    • Fixed an issue where uploading ISIR files that had 1 record and no headers failed to upload. ISIR files will upload correctly without headers and with only 1 record.