Release Notes

This release contains a few bug fixes.


  • [SV-3130] - Update logic for IRS DRT 07 to not show taxes section for Auto Zero EFC Students in verification web form
    • Students who qualified for an Auto Zero EFC, and the student or parent uses the IRS DRT, were unnecessarily being asked for further tax information on the verification form. When a student qualifies for an Auto Zero EFC, and the student or parent uses the IRS DRT, they will no longer see the taxes section in the verification form.
  • [SV-3143] - Full File Review Correction
    • Resolved an issue where users could not override a field in Full File Review if there was an assumed value. Users are now able to override assumed values in Full File Review.
  • [SV-3174] - Remove SV Integrations rights for the School Admin (Limited) role
    • Users with the School Admin (Limited) role are no longer able to view/edit environment integrations.
  • [SV-3188] - Error Handling for Documents Without Files
    • In very rare cases, a student document is created with no associated student file. This situation can happen if a file upload process is interrupted. Previously the error that displayed was not useful and the user would not know why they couldn't view the document. We've improved the error handling so if a user clicks on a document link that does not have an associated file, they will be alerted that the file is missing.