This article will show you how you can test your API endpoint connection from our cloud infrastructure to your hosted instance of CL Connect. This test will validate the following:

  • That a proper SSL Certificate is installed and assigned to CL Connect
  • The correct ports and IP addresses have been white-listed
  • The DNS you're using as an endpoint is valid

Perform the following steps to initiate this test:

    1. Login to any of our products: StudentForms, CampusCommunicator, or ScholarshipUniverse

    2. Select your username in the top, right-hand corner

    3. Select Platform Management

    4. Select Integration in the left-hand menu

    5. Click the Event Notifications tile

    6. Under Client Endpoints select the Edit (pencil) button next to the endpoint URL

    7. Click the Test Endpoint button

The test itself will take seconds to complete. Below are examples of what a success and failure message looks like: 

Successful Test Message (Note: the verbiage of the actual message may vary)

Failed Test Message (Note: the verbiage of the actual message may vary)

If you do receive a failed message, please check the following items: