Release Notes

This release contains updates to references used across the site in an effort to reduce any confusion.


  • [SU-883] - Update to Fund Code Reference
    • While the term "Fund Code" was meant to be a broad term for any general code a school wishes to use (not limited to only be used for fund codes), we've received feedback that the term "Fund Code" feels to limited and have updated the term across the site. "Fund Code" has now been updated to "Scholarship Code", meant to map any general codes you wish to associate with scholarships. Of course, this can still be the place to map fund codes, along with any other identifying codes you wish to store. While the scholarship builder page still has the Fund Code field to associate specifically to a fund code, the Alternate Fund Codes field has been changed to simply "Alternate Codes" to help manage your scholarships with any code mapping you wish to associate.
  • [SU-912] - Update Award Reference on Student Side
    • Previously if a student were to view a scholarship that was completed (meaning it has already been awarded and no longer active), they would see the status of the scholarship as "Completed/Awarded". Students can only view completed scholarships associated to applications they submitted, and seeing the "Awarded" in the status caused confusion, having them believe they were suppose to be awarded. We've updated the status to just "Completed" to help reduce any confusion.