Release Notes

This update includes business event management moved to PlatformManagement and a fix to records statuses displaying as blank.


  • [AL-1187] - AwardLetter Events Managed in PlatformManagement
    • AwardLetter events 501 and 502 for print templates were previously managed by CampusLogic support within the AwardLetter application. These events have been carried over to PlatformManagement under the global event notification management found in PlatformManagement > Integration > Event Notification, found within the AwardLetter tab. Only users with the Platform Admin role have access to this page. Schools already using one or both events do not need to make any updates.
    • For more information about AwardLetter print templates and how to utilize these events, please review this article.


  • [AL-1213] - AwardLetter Email Delivery Status is Blank
    • Resolved an issue where the status of records sent displayed as blank, rather than Generated or Delivered. This rare occurrence happened in instances where CampusLogic's email service did not report back a status of sent/delivery and the application was left blank waiting for a response. We've assured that these statuses did in fact send emails, and if the status was blank but the student opened the link to their template, the application would correctly update the status from blank to Opened.