Release Notes

This release contains fixes to SSO PIN creation and a citizenship documentation setting.


  • [SV-3177] - Single Sign-On PIN Creation Not Allowing Spaces/Apostrophes
    • Fixed an issue in Single Sign-On (SSO) environments where students creating their PIN password to electronically sign web forms received an error if they tried to enter a space or apostrophe within their first and/or last name. Since spaces and apostrophes are eligible characters to submit a FAFSA and appear as such on the ISIR, the PIN creation modal has been updated to allow spaces and apostrophes to match the ISIR data.
  • [SV-3223] - Remove Condition from Non-Webform Tasks for Comment Codes 141, 142, 146 
    • Resolved an issue where enabling the setting for citizenship tasks “Only Allow Document Upload If U.S. Citizen” was only triggering the task if the student citizenship status = 1 (U.S. Citizen). The condition has been removed so that students who are not U.S. Citizens receive the school only upload of citizenship documentation task.