Release Notes

This release contains the ability for students to follow up on the outcome of applying to external scholarships, allow schools to disable external scholarships, an update to a report, new scholarship code types, and a handful of fixes.


  • [SU-910] - Application Submitted Action on External Scholarships
  • [SU-907] - External Scholarship Reminder Communication Settings
  • [SU-909] - External Application Follow Up Action
    • Students are now given the ability to self report the results of viewing and applying to external scholarships found outside of the system. As soon as a student clicks Apply to an external scholarship, a new action icon will appear on the scholarship tile to request follow up on the outcome of the application. The student can select:
      • Applied, and asks for the date the student applied
      • Will Apply - the follow up action will remain until the student selected Applied or Will Not Apply
      • Will Not Apply, and asks for a reason and any additional comments
    • Action items will also appear on the student's dashboard to help remind them to follow up on the outcome of the external scholarship. These items will drop off as soon as the student reports as Applied or Will Not Apply.
    • A new reminder notification called "External Application Reminder" is now available in the ScholarshipUniverse communication settings found in PlatformManagement > Settings > Platform Communications. Both email and SMS text messages notifications can be managed here, along with the frequency of notifications. A batch email is sent rather than individual emails for each scholarship needing action.
  • [SU-903] - Disable External Scholarships
  • [SU-930] - External Scholarship Exclusion
    • A new setting has been added to disable external scholarships from being presented to students. Found in Settings > Basic Settings, this new switch has the power to immediately enabled/disable external scholarships from being found within the student scholarship list. While disabled, this also updates the matching question algorithm used to match students to scholarships by removing questions tied exclusively to external scholarships. The weekly scholarship newsletter sent to students is also updated to hide/display external scholarship counts based on this switch as well.
  • [SU-899] - Match But Not Applied Report Update
    • This export has been updated to ensure the results only pull students associated to scholarships that are currently in Open status. Due to matching requirements changing over time, or student answers updating after a scholarship deadline, the export cannot support results for any scholarship in Draft status or after the deadline, since the matching is no longer relevant to a closed scholarship.
  • [SU-924] - New Scholarship Code Types
    • New Scholarship Code types have been added to the list of available types when adding/editing Scholarship Codes. Scholarship Code management is found in Settings > Scholarship Codes. The following types have been added:
      • Advancement-Development System
      • Student Account System
      • Financial Management System
      • PLEASE NOTE: "Institutional" has been updated to "Institutional System"


  • [SU-915] - Visible Before Cycle Setting Disappearing
    • Fixed an issue in the scholarship builder where the Visible Before Cycle setting would disappear after navigating out of the scholarship. This setting appears when a scholarship is tied to a future cycle, but after leaving the builder for the first time and coming back, the setting would be hidden. This fix ensure that while the scholarship is tied to a future cycle, the setting is always visible.
  • [SU-922] - Award Pool Showing Original Round Score After Saving
    • Fixed an issue where the award view roster upon entering a saved award view reverted back to displaying all students who applied to the scholarship(s). This was problematic if the review process went through multiple rounds to filter down the list of applicants for final review/awarding. Opening a saved award view will correctly display the roster of applicants from the final round of the review pool.
  • [SU-914] - Lookup Question Answer Search
    • Resolved an issue where student typing to search for specific answers in the address components were only able to see results if their search matched the beginning of any answer. For example, when searching "Mexico" in states, "New Mexico" was not found because the search did not begin with "New". The search capability has been updated to look for likes, where searching "Mexico" will now correctly find "New Mexico" as a result.
  • [SU-900] - Student Application Page Tab Counts
    • Fixed an issue where the student's Application page tile grid showed the total count between the In Progress and Submitted tabs, rather than the total amount in their individual tabs.
  • [SU-927] - Max Number of Awards Validation Is Missing
    • Resolved an issue where the scholarship builder page was not validating the Max Number of Awards field correctly. This allow a user to enter 0 and continue to Publish. Validation is correctly set to require a value greater than zero.