In some instances, a student will complete both a California DREAM application and a Federal FAFSA. If the student has created an account linking to the Cal DREAM ISIR and needs to be linked to their Federal ISIR or vice versa the school should follow these steps to have the student linked to the correct ISIR.

Single Sign On (SSO) Schools

1. The school should click the Force Re-Registration button on the student's account page.

2. Confirm Force Re-Registration modal

  • Clicking Proceed will disconnect the user from the account
  • Clicking Cancel will return the school user to the account screen and will not disconnect user from the account

Once the Force Re-Registration button is used, the record with the incorrect ISIR will show as No student account created. The Deactivate and Force Re-Registration buttons will be disabled.

2. After the incorrect ISIR has been disconnected from the student's account, the student may re-register their account using the correct ISIR.

Please note: The school user should not use the Deactivate button prior to using Force Re-Registration button. Using the Deactivate button first causes the student to receive an error message that the user is deactivated (similar to screenshot below). It will not allow the student to re-register to the correct ISIR. 

If the school has deactivated the account before using the Force Re-Registration button, a support ticket may be needed to re-open the account to allow the student to re-register.

Direct Sign On (DSO) Schools

DSO schools may do the following:

1) Create a support ticket to have the student's account switched to look at the ISIR (Federal or Cal DREAM) that the school will use for processing aid.

2) Have the student create a new account (username/password) using the four key identifiers from the ISIR(Federal or Cal DREAM) that the school will use for processing aid.  The school may also choose to deactivate the account connected to the ISIR they will not use for processing aid. Deactivating the account that will not be used will help to avoid confusion in future years.