The Pool Scoring button at the bottom left corner of the Pool Builder page gives the user an in depth analysis of the current and previous round reviews as well as the student scores.  It also give the Review Manager an opportunity to re-allocate students to different reviewers and remove reviewers from the review pool.


Review > Manage Pools > Pool Builder > Pool Scoring

To get to the Pool Scoring modal, click on the Review option in the left navigation, then click on the Manage Pools tile.  Once in the Manage Pools tab, edit or add a new pool.  If editing, the user should see the Pool Scoring button in the bottom left corner of the page. If adding a new pool, the user will have to save in order for the Pool Scoring button to generate. 


The Reviews tab is going to give the user a view of the committee and the students that are assigned to each member. This tab also gives the user an idea of how close the current round is from being completed and the option to review some statistics of each committee member in each round.

  • Round Selector: The Round Selector drop down in the top right corner enables the user to review progress and results of the current and past rounds.
  • Progress tracker: In the top right corner of this page the user can view the completion percentage of the current round selected.  
  • Reviewer Allocations: When a reviewer is selected, the system will show the students that the reviewer is expected to review.
    • Average Score: This field calculates the average score of all of the reviews that the reviewer completed within the selected round
    • Move students: This field allows the Review manager to reallocate students to different committee members. Once one or more students are selected in the list, the drop drop down will become active showing the other committee members to which the students can be transferred.
    • Remove Reviewer: This button gives the Review manager the option to remove a committee member from the selected pool and round.  Removing a member will not remove them from the committee or from future rounds.  This button will only be accessible if each student can still be reviewed without this member.  Once the user clicks the Remove Reviewer button they will be presented a Removal confirmation modal.  Here they will get the option to Remove the member or Cancel the request.  They also have the option to send an email to the member that was removed to inform them.