Release Notes

This release contains the preliminary updates to support the upcoming 2020-2021 award year, the event notification management move from StudentForms into PlatformManagement, Smart File review updates, and minor adjustments to current exports.


  • [SV-3145] - StudentForms Event Notification Management in PlatformManagement
    • StudentForms event notification management has moved to PlatformManagement to join the suite of event notifications across all CampusLogic products. Once found in the Admin > Settings > Integration, StudentForms events are now found in PlatformManagement > Integration > Event Notifications, under the StudentForms tab. As a Platform Admin, you have the ability to adjust the event settings as needed; as an Admin, you have the ability to view only.

  • [SV-3173] - Fixed Smart File Review ISIR Fields for Verification
    • The fixed ISIR fields for SNAP Benefits and Child Support Paid have been removed from the Smart File review for V1/V5 students requiring the Verification Worksheet. By popular request, independent V1/V5 students will have Student's Marital Status and Marital Status Date fixed in Smart File, while dependent V1/V5 students will have Parents' Marital Status and Marital Status Date fixed.
  • Remove V6 to V5 Option from Verification Group Change Export
    • The Verification Group Change export now only contains the ability to select "V1 to V5" and "V4 to V5". Since V6 has been depleted, there is no use to having it as an option.


  • [SV-3268] - V4/V5 Identity Verification Exports
    • Fixed and issue on the Identity Verification Results - V4/V5 export where selecting an individual outcome option (i.e. 1 - Verification completed in person, no issues found) would sometimes duplicate a student with another record where the option 0 (No verification code selected) was included, as well. Duplicate student records are no longer appearing on the export.
    • Fixed an issue on the Unresolved Identity Verification - V4/V5 export where students sent back to Re-Collecting Documents status (whether from rejected/additional documents) were no longer being included on the report. All V4/V5 students with an open transaction appear on the export.