Release Notes

The 2020-2021 award year is now supported in StudentForms. While much development has gone into the backend to support the tasks, forms, and ISIR processing, more development for new features are currently in the works. Here are highlights of major changes made for 2020-2021:

Updates to the Verification Worksheets

  • For all Verification Worksheets, we have carried over the individual school preferences used during the 2019-2020 award year. This includes:
    • Requiring the Household Section regardless of whether or not the student meets the requirements to not submit household information
    • Requiring dependent students to provide non-filer documentation
    • Allowing the Statement of Nonfiling to be submitted rather than the IRS Verification of Nonfiling
    • Allowing the signed IRS Form 1040 tax return to be submitted rather than the tax return transcript
    • Please note that if you are unsure of your current settings or wish to make adjustment for the 2020-2021 award year, please contact your Customer Success Manager
  • Updated award year and tax year references
  • Removed the requirement to upload the IRS Form 4868 for students, spouses, or parent(s) who were reported as filing an extension
  • Tax options on the output file have been altered to now reflect the answers given by the student, rather than displaying and checking the best fit option from the previous recommended text used in prior award years. This now shows a concise answer based on what the student selected on the form, rather than requiring a school reviewer to view the form from the student view to determine which answers were selected. The other advantage is to allow reviewers to see what the student previously selected if prior versions of the form were submitted, whereas previously a reviewer would only be able to view the options given from the most recent submission.
  • The Dependent Verification Worksheet has been updated to give students more description as to which family and other members should be added to the Household Section. The instructions also give a helpful link to as to which parent should be reported on the form.

[SV-3166] - 2020-2021 Identity and Statement of Educational Purpose Form

  • The Identity and Statement of Educational Purpose has been updated to include the notary statement on a separate page and the valid government-issued photo ID to be presented to the notary must be identified on the statement. This is to prevent the school users from having notary statements not in compliance with Dear Colleague Letter ID: GEN-14-11

[SV-3220] - Comment Code 068 Included in Citizenship Status Settings

  • Comment Code 068 ("You did not indicate on your FAFSA that you are a U.S. citizen or an eligible noncitizen...") is now included in the Citizenship Status Documentation settings found in Admin > School Settings > Documents. The following settings will determine the provided task for Comment Code 068:
    • Enabling only Allow Upload of Citizenship Status Documentation provides the Affidavit web form
    • Enabling Allow Document Upload if US Citizen will restrict to only students identified as US Citizens on their ISIR to upload their documents through the application
    • Enabling Request Documentation In Person continues to encourage students to provide the documents in person, but allows students to upload the documentation through the application if they cannot appear in person
    • Disabling Allow Upload of Citizenship Status Documentation will not generate any task for the student and is considered a school actionable task outside of the application