Release Notes

This release contains updates to the Verification Web Form pdf, Cal ISIR Correction export to include other transactions, export for the Subsequent ISIR Workflow, and minor bug fixes.


  • [SV-3065] - Verification Web Form PDF Output Enhancements
    • For the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 Independent, Dependent, and Graduate Verification Web Forms, the PDF output generated when a student wishes to download and apply a wet signature has been updated to avoid issues where text may be cut off. The margins have been extended and each section has been given its own page break to ensure that a section will always appear together, rather than possibly be separated by a page break.
  • [SV-3274] - Cal ISIR Corrections Export Enhancement
    • The Cal ISIR Corrections export, used for schools implementing Cal DREAM ISIRs in the application, has been updated to now include corrections from the PJ Dependency Override and PJ EFC transactions, along with the Verification transaction. A new column in the export will display from which transaction the correction is generated from as a reference.
  • [SV-3233] - Subsequent ISIR Workflow Queue Export
    • Added the ability to export the Subsequent ISIR Workflow list, including all of the columns found in the workflow grid. The Export button appears below the grid and generates a CSV file.


  • [SV-3253] - Non-Tax Filer Fields With No Income Not Appearing in Review
    • Fixed an issue where completing the verification web form did not generate the correlating ISIR fields in document review for Parent 2 (dependent verification, parent tax section) or Spouse (independent verification, student tax section). Instead, Parent 1 or Student were appearing in place of their respective fields. This caused a visibility issue into the non-tax filer fields, having to be resolved via full file review. The correct ISIR fields are not displaying as expected in these scenarios.
  • [SV-3283] - Suppress Email/Text Links for Delivered Messages
    • Recently the Communication Activity tab began to include activities capturing when emails and text messages were delivered to students, along with when they were sent. The delivery activities have had their hyperlinks disabled, as they do not contain the messages sent - you are still able to review the emails/texts in the SENT activities.