Release Notes

This release contains an enhancement to the majors association to internal scholarships, a few new roles to help manage permission control, and a fix to application review.


  • [SU-967] - Majors Association to Institutional Scholarships
    • In order to support the association of the matching question "What is your current or intended major(s)?" to both institutional and external scholarships, ScholarshipUniverse requires that your institutional majors are mapped to the Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP), a universal list of all available majors. CIP majors are used as matching requirements for any external scholarship listing a specific major requirement. This mapping allows the student to answer the question, selecting from the list of institutional majors, which help them match to internal scholarships, but also translate to the CIP major to match them to corresponding external scholarships.
    • Previously, when multiple institutional majors were tied to the same CIP major and one of those institutional majors was used to as a matching requirement for an institutional scholarship, students who selected ANY of those institutional majors were matched to the same scholarship. Example:
      • Major A = CIP 123
      • Major B = CIP 123
      • Institutional Scholarship 1 matches if = Major A
      • If student selected Major B, they still match to Scholarship 1
        • (basic algebra - if Major A = CIP 123 and Major B = CIP 123, then Major A = Major B)
    • This enhancement ensures that institutional scholarships using matching questions with majors tied to the same CIP will treat the majors separately, so that it won't match any student unless it's that particular major. External scholarships will continue to pull in all students whose majors tie to the same CIP, to ensure each student has an equal chance.
    • Simply put, here is how this enhancement works:
      • Major A = CIP 123
      • Major B = CIP 123
      • Institutional Scholarship 1 matches if = Major A
      • If student selected Major B, they will not match to Scholarship 1
  • [SU-977] - New Roles
    • A few additional roles have been added to help give permissions to users at a more granular level:
      • Candidate Manager- this role is given permission to view-only access to the scholarship builder page, except that they can fully interact on the Candidates tab. These users can:
        • View submitted applications
        • Reject/return students from the review pool (before a pool has been started)
        • Ability to Re-Run Auto-Match for direct award scholarships
        • This user CANNOT promote direct award scholarships to be awarded (that's for award personnel only)
      • Question Manager - this role is given permission to manage the questions on the Question Personalization page, including the ability to edit/create new questions. If paired with another role (such as Scholarship Manager), this role also grants the permissions to add questions while adding matching questions to a scholarship or adding questions to an application.
      • Scholarship Manager (adjusted) - this role has been adjusted to now remove the ability to add/edit questions. This role can still access the Question Personalization page as view-only
      • For more information about roles, please refer to this article.


  • [SU-981] - Review Application Navigation
    • Resolved an issue when reviewing a set of applications and the size of the first application opened determine the page size of all applications when clicking next/back. This resulted in navigating to the next application and possibly viewing the application cut off because longer answers drove the application to view longer. When navigating forward/backward in the application review, the size of the application will adjust accordingly.