Release Notes

This release contains the ability to de-activate custom questions, updates to student match group visibility, allow re-opening questions on a yearly date, and minor bug fixes.


  • [SU-988] - Set Questions as Active/Inactive
    • Custom school questions now have the ability to be set as active/inactive. Within Plan > Question Personalization, the list of questions has a new column that will allow users to de-activate custom questions. This only applies to questions created by the school, this does not include global out-of-the-box questions that the school edited (i.e. re-worded the question). Users can navigate into the Inactive tab to re-activate any custom question turned off.

  • Please note that if a custom question has already been applied to scholarship matching requirements or within an application, it will still be used. It will no longer be available to add as a matching requirement to new/existing scholarships and is not available to add to new/existing applications. If re-activated, it can then be added to matching requirements or applications.
  • [SU-989] - Student Matching Group Visibility
    • The matching groups displayed within the student's scholarship view has been updated to only show certain matching groups based whether the student matches to groups, is partial match, or does not match to any group. This enhancement is to drive less confusion for students who may see multiple groups and see different matching statuses for each one. The new logic is as follows:
      • Display only groups that the student matches to
      • If the student does not match to any group, but is partitally matched to at least one group, only show partial match groups
      • If the student does not match or partially match to any group, display all of the non-match groups
  • [SU-937] - Re-Open Questions By Yearly Date
    • Questions can be flagged to re-answer by all students on yearly basis. When editing a question, the new option "Time Based" is found under the Review Period (along with By Award Year, By Term, and Never). Selecting Time Based will bring down the Yearly option. From here you can choose from the following:
      • From Time of Last Answer: on a per-student basis, the question will be re-opened from the time of the last update
      • Set Date: for all students, the question will be re-opened on a yearly basis from the date set


  • [SU-993] - Nominated Student Lookup
    • Resolved an issue where nominating a student would not allow a user to enter an email if a student was found without an email. This occurred in scenarios where a student shell record was created from SIS data where the student email was not provided. If a blank email is found for an existing student, users can now enter an email to associate to the student and begin awarding.
  • [SU-1018] & [SU-997] - Fixes to Auto-Answering
    • Made some general fixes to the auto-answering process to ensure quicker processing and less caching issues.