Release Notes

This release contains the enhancement to review historical rejected document reasons, updated logic around DRT code change and reopening verification worksheets, and minor bug fixes.


  • [SV-3167] - View Historical Rejected Document Reasons
    • Previously when rejecting a document within the application, once a student uploaded and submitted a new version of the document, the previously rejected version would be hidden in the document review library along with the reject reason. Though a user could select "View Previous Versions" to see the rejected document, the reject reason was still hidden. This enhancement brings back the reject reason to always be viewable for the previous versions. The "View" button next to the rejected version will now open a modal to show the Reason for rejection along with the Comment from the school user.

  • [SV-3266] - Subsequent ISIR with DRT 04 Logic to Reopen Verification
    • We've updated the logic concerning re-opening the verification worksheets in cases where the student/parent IRS DRT changes from 02 to 04. When making changes to the Student/Parent IRS IRS Distributions or IRS Untaxed Pensions ISIR fields and the subsequent ISIR is received with the expected changes, as long as no other unexpected changes are found then the verification worksheet should not reopen.


  • [SV-3258] - 400/401 Status Export Issue with Student ID
    • Resolved an issue with the 400/401 Status export where the Student ID value would always display the original student ID given and did not take into account updates to the ID, whether edited by a school user or the student. The export now pulls the updated Student ID.
  • [SV-3315] - Subsequent ISIR Export
    • Fixed an issue where the Subsequent ISIR workflow export function was only pulling records for the Verification transaction, rather than all records for any transaction found in the current queue. The export now pulls all records found, regardless of transaction type.