Release Notes

This release includes an enhancement to add award approval notifications, adding the Require Approval management in the Scholarship Data bulk import, adding Student ID to the Award View grid, and minor bug fixes.


  • [SU-1004] - Notification of Approval/Denial of Award
    • New notifications are available for scholarship awards that require an approval before they are queued to notify to students. These communications can be managed in PlatformManagement > Settings > Platform Communications, under the ScholarshipUniverse tab. 
      • Award Approved: notification for each award that was approved
      • Award Denied: notification of each award that was denied during approval, including the reason
    • The notification will be sent to the last person to touch the award (i.e. person who created award, or last person to edit the award).
  • [SU-982] - Add Award Approval Column to Scholarship Data Import
    • An optional column called "Allow Award Approvals" has been added to the Scholarship Data import in order to bulk set the Require Approval switch found within the scholarship builder page. The following values are accepted:
      • Y = Yes
      • N = No
      • blank (or no column) = No
  • [SU-1003] - Add Student ID to Award View
    • The Student ID column has been added to the Award View grid.


  • [SU-994] - Award View Filter Not Retained When Awarding
    • Fixed an issue where awarding a student would reset the filtering on the Award View grid, forcing users to reapply their filters after adding/editing an award. Awarding a student no longer resets the filter.
  • [SU-1013] - Adding Majors Question to SmartRank Displaying CIP Value
    • Resolved an issue when adding the question "What is your current or intended major(s)?" - previously adding that criteria and then determining which major to give precedence to would display the entire catalog of Classification of Institutional Programs (CIPs). It has been corrected to now only show the school majors.
  • [SU-1031] - Verified Student Email Address Case Sensitivity
    • Fixed an issue where the email address used for Direct Sign-On (DSO) environment students was case sensitive, forcing students to input their email with the exact match as the email address imported. (i.e. vs. Case sensitivity is no longer enforced.