Release Notes

Number of updates related to QA findings, issues, feedback, and functionality requests.


  • Orders ScholarPage thumbnails for users with multiple campaigns from newest created to oldest. NOTE: This is primarily to aid in our demo'ing process.
  • Removes deactivated Clients from the main SuperUser dashboard. NOTE: This is primarily to aid in our demo'ing process.
  • Updates TransactionLog view to include more relevant data for our TransactionLog records generated via the Payments::V2 endpoint.
  • Adds “Publish my gift” option to donation form.
  • Ensures that goals are set to not "completed" when a ScholarPage goal is raised.
  • Ensures that a goal is set to "completed" when a ScholarPage goal is decreased below (or equal to) the amount raised.
  • Updates the ScholarPage DataTable to include Published?, Active?, and Hit Goal? columns for more top-level insight into a given Client's ScholarPage and campaign status.
  • Adds a guard to our Payments::V2 to better handle race conditions around multiple donors making gifts which can potentially over-fund the campaign.
  • Improved error message around minimum gift amount. Now will read "The minimum gift amount is $<amount>." when an amount lower than the minimum is entered. The current Payments::V2 minimum gift amount is $20.00.
  • Hides the "Login" link on small screen devices (≤ 992px wide) when viewing the enrollment portal page to avoid UX confusion around the sign-up flow.
  • Minor updates to the gift receipt copy.
  • Adds the campaign link to the ScholarPage dashboard, as well as a new "Copy Link" button.
  • Adds two new consultant reports to the ScholarPage dashboard: the Success Report and Fundraising Activity Report. These reports require admin access and are intended to be used in evaluating our campaign progress while we scope more advanced advising tools.
  • Adds "Your Pages" menu (for ScholarPages) in the dashboard sidebar navigation. This is intended to help reduce friction in navigating from generic areas of the dashboard (e.g., account management, contact management, home) back to the main campaign dashboard for a given fundraiser.
  • Updates our User Profile views to (i) remove the ability to update a Scholar role, (ii) removes “Owner” role from view as this is not a role intended to be updated, and (iii) provides correct campaign links for ScholarPage fundraisers.
  • Updates our current default Enrollment Portal content based on user feedback and updates to our overall marketing messaging.
  • Adds Instagram and Facebook as additional sources when selecting an image to upload as a profile image. This impacts the ScholarPage editor, Advocate page editor (backend), and Consultant profile images.
  • Updates and improvements to Scholar dashboard copy to simplify the user experience, remove friction from the onboarding process, and overall streamline the steps to get the student to begin sharing their page.
  • Drastically improves and extends the functionality around the Content Editor and adds specific content and help information for the ScholarPage dashboard/users/fundraising experience.
  • Adds a new email notification to alert fundraisers when they receive a new gift to the ScholarPage.


  • Fix for incorrectly reporting TransactionLog "Success?" as false for successfully processed payments using our Payments::V2 endpoint.