Release Notes

Small patch of minor fixes, feedback-related improvements, and minor/support-level feature additions.


  • Ensures the Client Revenue Report properly utilizes the provided date range in all reported calculations.
  • Updates the Scholar Report to include a new field, Raised in Range, which provides the total amount raised in the provided date range.
  • Updates Transaction Fees Report to be sorted by date and include the date and donor name in the report. This should aid in comparing reports that we are able to download directly from WePay.
  • Adds a lightweight monitoring service to be run when a Donation is made to a ScholarPage which checks to see if a given page has entered the "unfundable" $20 gap scenario (i.e., remaining amount to fund is less than minimum gift amount of $20). We will now receive a Raygun alert when this edge case is encountered to monitor when and how often these cases are encountered. NOTE: We will need to add anyone looking to help triage these issues to our Raygun account and associated alert emails.


  • Handles a number of technical debt items and improvements to the test suite.
  • Removes Payment Disputes Report and PaymentDisputes reporting functionality as WePay no longer supports the API endpoints needed to report on chargebacks/disputes as originally scoped.