The purpose of the Private Launch is to complete a User Acceptance Test where a single student at your school (we recommend a Student Worker within the Financial Aid Office) creates an account, builds a Scholar Page, and receives a gift. Then, we will verify that gifts are successfully being processed through the site and ensure your finance colleagues are prepared to reconcile and distribute SponsoredScholar money. 


  • Site Branding Completed
  • Enrollment Portal Settings Configured
  • Enrollment Portal Created
  • Cause Created
  • Payments Setup Completed


  • Project Sponsor
  • Student Worker
  • Finance Lead


1. Select Student to Participate in Private Launch

We recommend selecting a student who meet the following criteria:

  • A Student Worker within the Financial Aid Office
  • Has an existing bill between $100 - $500
  • Willing to fundraise for their bill
  • Available to attend a one-hour Private Launch Meeting

2. Student Creates Scholar Page During Private Launch Meeting

During the Private Launch Meeting, the Student will perform the following activities:

  • Sign up for SponsoredScholar through school's Enrollment Portal
  • Verify email address via verification email
  • Enter Bill Amount and Student ID
  • Create Scholar Page
  • Publish Scholar Page
  • Upload 10+ Contacts
  • Send fundraising emails to Contacts using email templates

3. Gift Made to Scholar Page During Private Launch Meeting

Once the Scholar Page is created and published, the Customer Success Manager (CSM) will make a gift through the Scholar Page to confirm the payments integration has been setup properly. The CSM will perform the following activities: 

  • CSM makes gift to student's Scholar Page
  • CSM confirms a successful gift transaction was made by viewing the Scholar Report
  • CSM confirms all data has been properly mapped to the Scholar Report

4. Verify Funds Flow Process Post Private Launch Meeting

Once the successful gift has been made, the Finance Lead can confirm that the funds have been deposited into the school's bank account. Funds are either deposited daily or weekly, which was configured by the Finance Lead during the Site Setup phase.

5. Post Funds to Student Account

The Finance Lead then posts the funds to the student's account so the student can apply the funds towards his or her bill. 

Once the funds have been posted to the student's account, then the Private Launch is complete.