The purpose of the Public Launch is to promote the SponsoredScholar solution across the institution using multiple use cases to generate maximum impact and ROI. We recommend using all assets provided in our public launch rollout kit to help market the solution across multiple channels throughout the school year.


  • Soft Launch Completed


  • Project Sponsor
  • Marketing Lead


Use Case

During the Public Launch, our goal is to grow the success and impact of SponsoredScholar across campus using the following use cases, such as bill payment (spring and fall), graduating seniors, and sew students and transfer students. 

Developing a calendar of when these cohorts will be targeted is helpful to ensure enough time is provided to market the solution before due dates and deadlines. Marketing across channels, such as email, social, text message, and parents can help grow awareness of the solution throughout the year.

Additionally, it can be helpful to meet with other stakeholders on campus and invite them as campus partners to help share the solution with students they are actively engaged with. For instance, if you have a school of medicine, perhaps connecting with an administrator within that school can help market the solution to those students.

Multi-Channel Marketing

Schools can download marketing assets across all channels using the link below.