The purpose of the Soft Launch is to promote the SponsoredScholar solution to a targeted list of students to create our first round of success stories, feedback, and validate the solution prior to a broader Public Launch of the solution across campus.


  • Private Launch Completed


  • Project Sponsor
  • Marketing Lead


Use Case

During the Soft Launch, our goal is to target students who have an existing bill that will prevent them from registering for classes or are at risk of dropping out. 


We encourage schools to send the three-part email sequence 4-8 weeks before the class registration deadline. This will provide a sense of urgency for students who have bills preventing them from registering, while also giving them enough time to crowdfund their bill.

Targeted List of Students

The Soft Launch should target 200 - 400 students who meet the following criteria:

  • Bill Amount: between $100 - $1,500
  • Year in School: All years (e.g., Freshman, Sophomore, etc.)
  • Pell: high Pell eligibility

If these criteria yield a list greater than 400 students, we recommend selecting students who have a bill above your school's threshold for being eligible to register for classes, if applicable.

Marketing Channel: Email Sequence

Once the targeted list of students has been created, the Project Sponsor and Marketing Lead can save this list in their school's email marketing solution.

The Project Sponsor and Marketing Lead can then work together in sending a sequence of emails to this targeted list of students informing them about this new solution and inviting them to sign up to crowdfund their bill. 

We recommend the following three-part email sequence over the course of seven days:

Email One, Day One

Subject: Crowdfund your {School_Name} bill

From: {Financial_Aid_Email_Address}

Preview Text: Are you having trouble paying your {School_Name} bill?

Hi {First_Name},

Are you having trouble paying your {SChool_Name} bill? If you’re a motivated student, we have a new solution for you.

Recently, at {School_Name}, we partnered with SponsoredScholar to empower you to crowdfund your bill from your relatives, family friends, and social network - the people who care about you.

Similar to GoFundMe, you are now able to create a page and share your story to raise the money you need. With SponsoredScholar, you keep 100% of what you raise (we are covering the cost) and it’s branded to {School_Name} so your community trusts that the money goes directly towards paying your bill.

If you would like to use this solution, click here: {Enrollment_Portal_URL}

Kindest regards,


Email Two, Day Four

Subject: Re: Crowdfund your {School_Name} bill

From: {Financial_Aid_Email_Address}

Preview Text: Don’t miss out on crowdfunding your bill

Hi {First_Name},

I wanted to follow up in case you missed my last email about crowdfunding your {School_Name} bill. 

Students are using crowdfunding as a way to raise money for their education instead of taking out more loans. The process is simple, fast, and free to use.

If you would like to use SponsoredScholar, click here: {Enrollment_Portal_URL}

Kind regards,


Email Three, Day Seven

Subject: Final Reminder: Crowdfund your bill

From: {Financial_Aid_Email_Address}

Preview Text: Are you having trouble paying your {School_Name} bill?

Hi {First_Name},


This is a friendly and final reminder about your bill.  


We’d hate for you to experience potential class registration delays, headaches, or late fees. If you need any help, we recommend you crowdfund your bill with our SponsoredScholar solution.


If you would like to use this solution, you can click here: {Enrollment_Portal_URL}

Kind regards,


Marketing Channel: Print Handout

Schools may also share print handouts with students who come into the Financial Aid Office or Bursar's Office. Below is an example 5x7 inch print handout that you can use, modify, and share with students.

Front Side

Back Side