Release Notes

This release contains additional validation for the award approval process along with minor bug fixes.


  • [SU-1010] - Approval Process Validation
    • Within Award > Manage Awards, we recently introduced an Approval tab and the ability to enforce scholarships awards to go through a primary approval before being queued for notification under the Notify Awards tab. Additional validation has now been added when Approving selected awards:
      • If you were the last person to create an award, or edit the award, you cannot approve your own award; this cannot be overridden - you must have another user (Admin or Award Approver) approve the award
      • If the awarded student does not meet the current matching requirements tied to the scholarship, the user will be notified before the user can finalize Approval. Only an Admin can override and continue awarding - an Award Approver must have an Admin continue the process
    • If at least one student from the selection has any of these issues with their award, a notification will display a list of students with the issue. A user will need to determine next steps and need to un-select any student with an issue to approve the remaining students without issue. Whether the issue is because you were the last person to award, or the student does not meet the matching requirements, you can Deny and remove the award without this check.


  • [SU-1007] - Duplicate Question Requirements
    • Resolved an issue where users were allowed to input the same question in the same scholarship matching group. This caused issues where students on the scholarship Candidates/Awards tabs were incorrectly displayed as Match when they were a non-Match, or displayed as non-Match when they were as a Match. Users are no longer allowed to apply the same question within the same matching group, but can still share the same question across multiple matching groups.
      • An example was adding the following matching requirements:
        • What is your current or intended major? (Equal to) "Math"
        • What is your current or intended major? (Equal to) "Science"
      • In this example, the user should be using the "Any of These" operator, not "Equal to"
        • What is your current or intended major? (Any of These) "Math", "Science" 
  • [SU-1038] - Scholarship Filter Total Amount Bug
    • Fixed an issue where an error would occur when adding a min/max Total Amount in the scholarship page filter. Total Amount should correctly find any scholarship meeting the requirement.