Release Notes

This release contains a permission update for the Cal Student Transactions export, updates to the PJ Special Circumstances options list, and an email notification fix.


  • [SV-3300] - Cal Student Transactions Export Permissions
    • Updated the permissions to allow the Admin, School Admin (Limited), and School FAO roles to be able to access this export.
  • [SV-3325] - Appeals Settings Based on Active Award Years
    • The management of Special Circumstances has been updated to allow edit for the two active award years (i.e. at that time of this release, 2019-2020 and 2020-2021), regardless of the operational dates for each year. Previously, the lists were available based on the operational dates of the award years (managed in Admin > School Settings > Award Years), meaning that schools who wish to manage the options BEFORE opening up the award year to students were forced open up the year to make the changes. Previous award years were also available to select, although making edits no longer have any impact since the years are permanently closed. Previous years have been removed and the Award Year filter will now always allow edit of options for the two active award years.
      • Editing Special Circumstances for both the Professional Judgement Dependency Override and the Professional Judgement EFC Recalculation appeals can be found in Admin > School Settings > Appeals, when enabled 


  • [SV-3325] - Email Update Notifications
    • Resolved an issue where students that have had their account email address changed by a school user were being sent the confirmation notification normally sent to employee users when another employee has updated their email account. Please note the differences between the following email notifications found in PlatformManagement > Settings > Platform Communications, under the PlatformManagement tab:
      • Employee Email Updated: notification email sent when an employee has had their email changed by themselves or another employee such as an Admin
      • Notification of Employee Changed User Email: notification email sent when a student/parent's email has been changed by an employee
      • User Email Updated: notification email sent when a student/parent has updated their own email