Release Notes

This release contains the scholarship export feature, ability to batch print thank you letters, updates to the Award Management page, tag filtering, updates to student accessibility, and minor fixes.


  • [SU-1030] - Scholarship Export
    • The scholarship list page (Plan > Scholarships) now has the ability to export your entire library of scholarships, converting it to a file that can be re-imported back into the application with updates. This eases the task of needing to update a bulk selection of scholarships by hand. By default, the export will be ready to pull all scholarships in every status except Completed and Archived, but can be managed to only pull from selected statuses. It also takes into effect any filters currently applied.
  • [SU-1000] - Batch Print Thank You Letters
    • A new export has been added to the Reports page called Batch Thank You Letters. This export will generate an HTML file ready for printing that contains the selected thank you letters by scholarship and donor. This file will be delivered via an email link once the process is complete. Additional filtering by Award Year and Organization tied to the scholarship can be used to narrow the letters. Please note: depending on your browser, you may need to adjust the scaleĀ of the print job to ensure it is to the size of your liking.
  • [SU-1008] - Award Management Updates
    • A few additional columns and filters have been added to the Award Management page (Award > Award Management):
      • Approve tab:
        • Added an Award Year column to indicate the award year associated to the scholarship, along with an Award Year filter
        • Added a Tags column to display any tags associated to the scholarship, along with a Tag filter
      • Notify Awards tab:
        • Added an Award Year column to indicate the award year associated to the scholarship, along with an Award Year filter
      • Also added the ability to open a view only version of the Award Applicant modal so that non-Admin/Award Distributors can view the break down of awards by term
    • The Scholarship Awards import has been updated to now require the "Award Amount"(renaming from "Award")
  • [SU-1037] - Student Accessibility
    • We've added additional accessibility functions within the student side to help students who use accessibility applications such as screen readers. This makes for a better experience searching and applying for scholarships, along with reviewing documents and awards.
  • [SU-1099] - Filter Scholarships By Tags
    • When filtering scholarships on the school side, you now have the ability to filter by existing tags within your environment. This helps bring greater use of the tag system when adding them to scholarships.


  • [SU-1035] - Answer Usage Report
    • We've renamed the Answer Usage Report to "List Criteria Usage" to help summarize its purpose: to find any scholarship using a value as part of the matching requirements for a scholarship. We've resolved the issue where the report was pulling the entire list of values rather than the specified list. We've added an Award Year filter to the query due to confusion seeing multiple records of the same scholarship (because it had been rolled over to another award year) and we've removed the count, as that caused confusion as well and does not serve to the purpose of the export.
  • [SU-1011] - Application Document Download
    • Fixed an issue where download documents provided within the student applications caused an error on the student side. Download documents can now successfully be retrieved.
  • [SU-1041] - Awards in Student Dashboard
    • Resolved an issue where the Award funnel on the student's dashboard was showing any of their awards in both a Posted state or Ready to Post state. This caused some confusion for students when they didn't not see the same number on their Awards page, which display only the Posted awards. Both the Awards page and the Awards funnel on the dashboard only display Posted awards.