Release Notes

This release contains minor fixes to Smart File Review and the ability to send reset password notifications to parents.


  • [SV-3333] - Smart File Review Not Displaying Assumed Values
    • Fixed an issue where Smart File review would incorrectly display the reported ISIR value rather than the assumed value, in cases where the assumed value was present. Smart File review will now correctly display the assumed value, or the reported value if an assumed value does not exist. This issue was not affecting Full File Review.
  • [SV-2644] - Smart File Review Not Displaying ISIR FIelds That Are Being Corrected
    • Resolved an issue where certain ISIR fields marked as ISIR Correction at the time of file review being completed would hide during subsequent visits to the student. This did not effect the corrections from being made, it only effected the display in Smart File Review. ISIR fields are no longer triggered to be hidden while being corrected.
  • [SV-3350] - Reset Unverified Parent Password
    • Fixed an issue where school users were given the option to reset a parent's password who has not verified their email yet. Email accounts must be verified in order to view and use the Reset Password feature from the parent's profile.