Release Notes

  • Updates Privacy Policy to include clauses related to Google Contacts API usage.
  • Improves test coverage around SignUp, Registration, and SponsoredScholar (Starter) Client Imports/Seeding.
  • Improvements to ScholarPage editor form to ensure better UI/UX and error messages around attempting to remove the page's friendly_url.
  • Provides optionality around the "Financial Aid" terminology on the sign-up portal per-Client.


  • Fixes an issue related to our Google Contact Import process via CloudSponge.
  • Fixes an issue which created slow page performance when setting up new WePay accounts.
  • Fixes an issue experienced on some versions of Google Chrome for Windows where the screen is too small after successfully creating a new Payment Account and being redirected back from WePay's site.
  • Fixes issue with “Edit” link for ScholarPages on LandingPage#index (*SuperUser-only tool).

Stable on as of November 20th, 2019 at 6:10pm (Arizona).