Release Notes

This release contains updates to the advance search screen and an enhancement to the import file to support additional cost/fund data.


  • [AL-1334] - Advanced Search Test Mode Records
    • The advanced search page now includes the ability to toggle search results including those ran in Test Mode. Test Mode records allows user to simulate a real file, but have all records sent to a particular user to ensure students don't receive the emails/text messages. Before the enhancement, all Test Mode records were unable to be identified against true import files. By default, the advance search results will not include these files. Toggling the "Include Records from Test Mode" will now bring them in. There is also a new column in the search results grid to indicate which records were generated from Test Mode.

  • For more information about Test Mode, please review this article.
  • [AL-1321] - Advanced Search Award Year Update
    • The advance search page filter "Award Year" has been updated to support filtering records for the 2020-2021 award year.
  • [AL-1279] - Support for Separate Fund Code Statuses
    • The CampusCommunicator import file now supports an additional column called FUNDCOSTSTATUS that will allow you to provide additional data for each of your cost/fund items, such as the fund status or distribution date. Multiple data values can be provided in the column, separated by a semi-colon. This is an optional field and is not required to continue processing your import files. 
    • To learn more about the import file specifications, please review this article.