When logging into CampusCommunicator, users are immediately taken to a dashboard that includes alerts of activity over the past 48 hours along with an insight of the volume of records processed over time, which is used a health metric to visualize the use and results of the application over a selected period of time.


The Errors tile displays the percentage of individual records that failed across the total number of records processed within the last 48 hours. This tile is used to indicate to users of record issues that they should investigate. This can be done by navigating to the Import page to review the complete history of files and review any files that show an error has occurred.

The Delivered tile will display the percentage of individual records that were successfully delivered to students across the total number of records processed. Typically this number along with the Errors tile will always = 100%, but if not a user may want to investigate the files sent over the past 48 hours to determine if any student email was unsuccessfully delivered due to issues such as a bounce back.

The Record Volume insight allows users to view the volume of generated, delivered, opened, and error records processed over the select time frame. The filter options include the last 30 days, 60 days, 3 months, and 6 months. The view can also be manipulated to view by days, weeks and months.


The side menu contains access to the following pages:

  • Dashboard: analytics dashboard accessed when logging into the application
  • Import: this navigates to the complete history of file imports, with the ability to review individual records within each one
  • Test Mode: navigates to simulate importing files into the application, where all emails and text message are sent to the user - only the Admin role has access to this feature
  • Settings: navigates to the Settings page to access Admin role settings

The top banner also contains additional navigation:

  • Search: any search performed using this search feature will take you to the Advance Search page, where you can run a search of existing records by name, ID, email, template type, and award year.
  • Help Icon: navigates to the CampusCommunicator knowledge base (you're currently here)
  • App Switcher: allows a user to navigate to other CampusLogic applications
  • Profile: allows users to access their profile page or log out of the application. An Admin user has access to navigate to PlatformManagement, as well.