A user can run an advanced search across all existing records processed, both real and those that were imported through Test Mode.

To access the advanced search page, users must run a search using the search feature on the top banner. In normal circumstances, the search from the top banner can only search by student's First Name, Last Name, First and Last Name, or Student ID. Anything else will open the page without any results. Users can also leave the search field blank when running a search to enter the page.

At least one search parameter must be given in order to run a search, whether inputting a value into a search field, or selecting an option from any filter. A combination of search fields and filters can be used to narrow down results.

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Student ID
  • Email Address
  • Template Type - options include any template type the school is utilizing
  • Award Year
  • Status - filter by Delivered (not opened), Opened, and Bounce Back records
  • Date Created - please note that this is in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)

By default, Test Mode records are excluded from the search results, but you can toggle on the "Include Records From Test Mode" option to include these records in the search as well. Within the grid, the column "Test Mode" will indicate any records that were processed through Test Mode.