Release Notes

This release contains the new public scholarship page to display school scholarships to non-users, new CIP codes to map majors to, and enhancement to the Scholarship Code report, and some minor bug fixes.


  • [SU-1028] - Public Scholarship Page
    • Schools now have the ability to select scholarships they wish to display on a non-authenticated page to allow prospective students to view their internal scholarships. All school environments will now have a /public page that can be shared - The public page can be moderately customized to display a school logo, a curated description, and a list of the scholarships selected to display.
    • The logo image and the displayed content can be managed in Settings > Basic > under the Public Scholarship Settings.

  • To tag a scholarship as public, enable the Public Scholarship switch on a per scholarships basis. Bulk updating scholarships using the Scholarship Data import can make the process easier - a new optional column called "Public Scholarship" can indicate scholarships that need to be made public. For more information about the scholarship import, please review this article.

  • Please note that all scholarships can be flagged as a Public Scholarship and appear on the public page, including direct award scholarships typically hidden from students. The only exception to not showing on the public page is if the scholarship is in Draft or Archived status.
  • The scholarship view page has also been modified for the public view. Matching requirements for all scholarships are not shown in the public view, along with organization/donor contact information. Basic information, along with the Description and Eligibility Requirements, are still displayed. Donors may be displayed if tied to a scholarship, but only if the Donor is indicated as "Public" (managed within Plan > Donors > [Donor]).
  • [SU-1055] - New Classification of Institutional Programs
    • New Classification of Institutional Program (CIPs) have been added to match the 2020 federal CIP code list. These additional programs will be new options available to map school majors to. Major mapping can be done in Settings > Majors & Programs. For more information about mapping Majors, please review this article.
    • A list of new CIPs is attached for review.
  • [SU-1065] - Scholarship Code Report Enhancement
    • The Scholarship Code export has been enhanced to ensure any scholarship with an scholarship/fund code can be pulled as long as an assigned budget has been added to it (i.e. a scholarship's Total Amount). Previously only scholarships that have been awarded to at least one student would pull into the export. The Total Budget column has been added to the export as well, so users can view a scholarship/fund code's total budget, the amount of awards currently pending, and amount of awards currently ready to post/posted.


  • [SU-1052] - Special Character List Values
    • Fixed an issue where list type questions using special characters (i.e. "&") in their list values were not displaying the values correctly. The special characters were previously displaying the HTML encoded version rather than the interpreted character you would expect. Special characters are now displaying properly.
  • [SU-1040] - Student SIS Answering
    • Resolved an issue where SIS data mapped to a list type question would continue to preserve the value "N/A" if a student chose it before the SIS data answered the question.
  • [SU-1044] - Auto-Save Answer Timer
    • Fixed an issue where inputting answers such as a date slowly would trigger the application to save an unfinished value before it was completed. This lead to students having multiple answers for matching questions that may be incorrect. The timer has been updated to give enough time for answers such as dates to be completed before auto-saving.