Release Notes

This release contains minor updates and bug fixes.

Please note that in the beginning of January 2020 StudentForms will no longer support Internet Explorer 11. For more information, please review this article.


  • [SV-3263] - Appeals Workflow Date Ready & Status Date
    • The Appeals workflow grid now has a Status Date included, which displays the date of the last status update to an appeal record. The Date Ready column now displays when the appeal record was submitted and ready for review, where previously it was displaying the last status update.


  • [SV-3370] - IP Reporting Error When Clicking on Student Name
    • Fixed an issue when clicking on a student name to access their account details lead to an error. The link feature has been corrected to navigate to the student account without issue.
  • [SV-3359] - Email Sender Name Not Displaying Properly
    • Resolved the issue where the Sender name defined in PlatformManagement > Settings > Platform Communications > StudentForms tab was not correctly appearing on email notifications and reminders sent to the student. It was displaying the school email address, but is now pulling the correct defined name.
  • [SV-3371] - File Review Error
    • In an earlier release, the ISIR fields "Student Marital Status" and "Student Marital Status Date" were added to the Smart File Review by default for any independent student selected for Verification. This caused an error for any verified independent student selected for verification when an Admin overrode the transaction to reopen it. This fix will ensure that a reopened transaction will handle the new fields properly.