Release Notes

Number of updates to the fundraising onboarding process, based on feedback from early adopters.


  • Makes a number of improvements to the Scholar Page Overview Dashboard; namely:
    • Enables sorting for the Name, Amount Raised, Supporters Engaged, and Published? columns.
    • Enables auto-sorting by most-raised to least-raised in default view.
    • Allows for downloading report data as a CSV file.
    • Allows for filtering of ScholarPage records by a specified date range. This filtering will show only those pages which were created within the specified date range.
  • Adds a new video to the EnrollmentPortal.
    • Adds a default EnrollmentPortal video and ability to manage this at the server-level.
    • Adds the ability to set and manage EnrollmentPortal Videos (via YouTube) as a Program Admin or SuperUser via the Program Admin Dashboard.
    • Displays the uploaded video on the EnrollmentPortal (when present).
  • Fundraising Participation Questions added to SignUp Form
    • Adds new questions to EnrollmentPortal SignUp form relating to the user's willingness to participate in the prescribed fundraising process.
    • Adds answers to SignUp questions to the "Show" view on the Sign Ups dashboard.
  • Updates to ScholarPage Editor:
    • Simplifies the overall user interface for building a page for Scholars.
    • Removes the Campaign Settings and Page Settings sections.
    • Adds a new Advanced Settings section of the editor which contains the form inputs which were previously contained in the Campaign Settings and Page Settings sections.
    • Ensures that the new Advanced Settings section is only viewable/editable by SuperUsers and ProgramAdmin.
  • Improvements and enhancements to our Onboarding Quest and Task system.
    • Ability to use custom CTA for Tasks instead of "Learn More" (default if none provided)
    • Ability to use :put actions directly from Task's CTA Link (e.g., ability to publish page directly from task).
    • Allows for CTA link directly when no Task description is present.
  • Updates Scholar Dashboard with a new interface notifying the user of their new Onboarding Checklist (if present).
  • Adds Scholar Onboarding Checklist for new ScholarPage Fundraisers.
  • Adds a SuperUser-only Onboarding Report to provide data around onboarding progression and time to complete the onboarding checklist for our ScholarPage fundraisers.
  • Updates Scholar Invites to be a SuperUser-only feature to constrain new user signup/onboarding workflows to the Enrollment Portal SignUp process.


  • Prevents onboarding tours (i.e., "tooltips") from being displayed when using a small-screen device. This primarily maps to mobile devices (e.g., phones), but is specifically mapped to screens ≤ 480px.
  • Minor improvements to SignUp form UX.